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It is a great week for iPad substitutes from Finland. A few days ago, Nokia declared that its coming back in the market of consumer electronics with Nokia N1 – an Android based tab priced at $249 will run its Z-Launcher program – now Jolla, fellow Finns,  have declared strategies for their personal tab.

As opposed to Nokia who’s presenting the N1 the traditional way with a contract with Foxconn, the ordinarily named Jolla Tablet is crowd funded by Jolla. It is opened pre-orders with the range beginning from $189 for the initial 2,000 units & rising to $199 for the following 1,000 units.

The Jolla tab has specifications which put it along with the Nexus 9 from Google & the  iPad Mini 3 – a 7.9” display with the resolution of 2048p x 1563p, a quad core CPU that clocks at 1.8 GHz, 2GB RAM, internal storage up to 32GB (which could be expanded by another 32GB using a micro SD card) as well as a 5 MP back camera. Talking about the software, this tab will run Jolla’s personal open-source Sail-Fish Operating System that runs Android applications in addition to native programs.

Author: Kapil

source photo: pinterest


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