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Save California plastic balls!

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CALIFORNIA:  California has been facing one of the worst droughts in its known history. The lavish state has been starving for rains and a lot of creative thinking is needed to cut down the impact of the drought. While the state has tried its best to manage its resources for day to day activities, there are somethings which have required more lateral thinking than the others.

For starters, people have given up watering their lawns.

People no longer wash their cars and drinking water has become more expensive than ever.

Although there are water pipelines that have helped the situation by providing water from locations which are less affected by drought to people within California, a consistent problem for the state has been the high evaporation from water reservoirs. The high evaporation rate, low algae growth and high consumption of water has meant that most of the reservoirs in the last few months have operated way below their maximum capacity.

You can say a lot about Americans but one thing that they are really great is finding solutions to tricky problems and true to their nature, they have also found a unique way of solving the water problem.

Cue in the big burly black plastic balls that have been termed as the shade balls. These shade balls emit no harmful chemicals and are supposed to cover the surface of water reservoirs completely so that no sunlight can reach the water. With the balls in place, the algae is supposed to grow on the water surface providing a natural layer of defense mechanism protecting the water from neither evaporating through sunlight nor by the increased heat that it has to suffer due to the black balls covering the surface.

The millions of balls used in the project have helped cover the surface of major reservoirs within the state and are supposed to take care of the nagging problem that has been affecting the reservoirs to great extent.

As much as the solution is scientifically brilliant, it was almost seen in a comical light by the internet world. There were hashtags invented while a lot of people joked about “black balls” again saving the United States.

The scientists believe that the science behind placing the shade balls will soon work and the water problem will be minimized. Although this is not the exact solution to the drought, this is definitely a step towards finding a better way to cater the problem.

Author: Zak Hades – Serbia

Source foto:  irishexaminer


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