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Search or Culture?

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Humans haven’t developed so much with
technology in the past thousand years that they have done in just the
previous hundred years of their existence. In these years humans have
modernized their lives up to a massive extent.With phones, talking to someone and
meeting them became two different things, while before telephones you
could listen to a person’s voice if you spoke to the person face to
face. Then came the televisions and radios, the moving people
captured inside a glass screen or the man speaking from inside the
radio box, all these things would have been so unrealistic for humans
a thousand or so years back and now they are the emblem of a normal
life, actually they have become something so mainstream now that they
are a thing of the past now.Just like that internet has developed
extremely fast, in a very short period of time. The internet has
affected lives, cultures and people, in un-countable and numerous
good and bad ways. We can look up almost every little thing online.
Don’t know it? Google it! That is the commonality and we are the
casualty. That is the commonplace of human existence in these modern
times, but the commonplace itself is stranger than what any human
mind has ever invented or even thought of.The Internet has opened our minds to
more knowledge than we can store inside our brains, and that has
somewhat diminished, quenched our thirst for knowledge and has let
knowledge pass by us without the slightest hint of recognition and
concern. We have stopped fathoming knowledge, we are merely used to
seeing it every day and then forgetting it later on.But what exactly is the meaning of
knowledge? Albert Einstein said that information is not knowledge.
Knowledge is when you take information into consideration, experience
it, without feigned interest and learn something from it rather than
just letting it pass by, without respect, without even a slightest
hint of appreciation or acknowledgement.It is a prime indulgence, a divinity
for a few who understand the true worth, the true value, the true
meaning of knowledge and don’t confuse it with the illusion of
information. One needs to know the true meaning of knowledge to take
it or appreciate it as a gospel truth. It is a very, very vicious
stereotype, with the young generation and people of the modern age,
confusing knowledge with information and thus letting actual, more
useful knowledge go by.To be continued…Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

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