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Shopping in Iraq

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Many of us know about Iraq. It is also a country which suffers due to various conflicts. World media has focused into Iraq as there are many human rights violations occur inside the country. Though the country has various conflicts, shopping plays an important role in Iraq people like other civilians in other countries.

There are shopping centers, supermarkets and department stores across the country. Nazamall on Kirkuk Erbil Road is one of the most popular shopping destinations in Iraq.

Majidi shopping mall and entertaining center is one of the largest shopping centers in Iraq. It is located in Erbil, Iraq’s main metropolitan area. Anyone who visits there can have an optimal shopping experience. It has 67 shops. It is a marvelous place of amusement, fashion and various food delights. You can do shopping, eat and entertain yourself under the roof of this shopping center.

Family Mall is the biggest shopping center in the country. It is located in Erbil. World’s best and very popular branded goods are available in this place. All families can enjoy at this place as it gives a great family atmosphere. It is the most visited shopping center in Erbil.

The local souks are also famous in Iraq. There are numerous stalls which sell carpets, brightly-colored rugs, fresh spices, silver and copperware.

We know Iraq’s condition is not very good because of the war and human rights violations in the country. Iraq suffers due to the terrorism too. International aids should be given to Iraq to eradicate these problems from the county.

Author: Donum


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