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Shortages of medicines, a national emergency in Venezuela!

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The National Assembly (Congress) of Venezuela has declared a “health emergency” that due to the severe shortage of medicine drugs that exists in this country, which adds to the lack of food and a large amount of bad things going on, since last 2015 this country has experienced a difficult situation due the result of low oil prices, the only source of money that Venezuela has, and of course a bad policy because the government failed to create contingency plans for a situation that was announced in well advance .

The issue has become more extreme as the country was just recovering from the Christmas holidays, with virtually no production of goods within its territory and dependence on imports are the main cause of the dramatic situation in the South American nation.

The debate:

Last December 6th the chavism, all the followers of late president Chavez, suffered its first defeat in history, they have carried 17 years in power and since the death of President Chavez, which coincided with the start of the crisis, the political situation has become more turbulent and complicated, that day they lost control of the National Assembly since the opposition won a qualified majority victory, which meant more control to the regime, but not anymore.

During the debate the deputy who presented the decree accompanied this request with such alarming notices as the one declared by the Venezuelan Federation Pharmacy, which indicated that in the country there is about an 80% shortage of all kinds of medicines.

In addition, during the session of the chamber were presented to the deputies and guests the testimonials from people who have lost relatives while waiting medicines to treat the ills facing them, and this is the reality of many who have spent days or even months, waiting for a response from the state in one of its public hospitals.

All this adds to the arrival in the country of the Zika virus, which was expected, as countries with the highest number of cases of this disease (Colombia and Brazil) are the ones who share the greater extension of Venezuela’s borders, though for now there are no official figures on the number of infected people, the government doesn’t give any information about it, it is estimated that about 18,000 patients are infected.

The long lines:

For almost two years the long lines of people around commercial establishments in Venezuela are the norm, initially it was only for people looking for products of the basic food basket, but over time the issue has become so widespread that it has struck a chord as sensitive as the medical treatments.

For now, the humanitarian crisis decree will not have much effect as the executive do not take it as such, this would mean accepting help from other countries interested in collaborating with the health of Venezuelans, but the government sees it as a demonstration of weakness, as an excuse to put within its territory against the enemy that has fought so hard. For they this is, as they say, an excuse for foreign intervention, specifically the United States, the nemesis of Chavez.

Author: Antor Jose – Venezuela

source photo: pinterest


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