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Smart water bottle!

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Top Water Gadgets: Part 1

Nest Learning Thermostat

Once installed, you can easily control your hot water & heating thru the app from almost anywhere. Especially, if you are getting back to your house on a cold day & wish to step inside a hot bathtub for relaxation. After around 6-7 days, the device will begin recognizing your day to day patterns which means itll turn off whenever you don’t require the heating saving you a decent amount of cash in the future.

Smart Water bottle

The Hydra Smart bottle can be considered like a Swiss Army knife among water bottles. With a capacity of around 12-ounce water, the bottle features a 4000mA backup battery so as to completely recharge your smart device in addition to a Bluetooth speaker which synchronizes with your smart phone to play music . Whats more, the bottle also comes with multicolor LEDs which transform the bottle into a safety lantern.

Author: Kapil

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