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Squares in Nairobi, Kenya

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As a child, going to the market was much more fun for me than it is today. I would tag along as my mother went, always eager to go out and see things. With mother and nice things all around, I was sure to go home with some treat.  With a lot of bustling and haggling in a crowded place, some mishaps could happen. Once, I knocked off some dry fish from a tray. They fell to the ground and my mum had to pay for them. That was quite fair for the fish seller, but probably not for my mum’s purse. But the markets were fun. They were necessary. Usually, the open –air markets were the most popular. They offered raw food items, clothes and all sorts of household items.

In Nairobi, capital of Kenya, open-air markets are important components of the city’s daily life. They provide meat and basic goods that feed much of the local population.  At the markets trinkets, handicrafts and lots of other interesting things are also found. The massive City Market is the largest one in the capital. Kariakor Market is another excellent choice.

A popular destination is Ngara market. It is popular amongst the Indian residents of the Ngara area. This market has an impressive variety of fruit and vegetables. A walking distance from the town, Ngara street market is one of the most colourful markets in Nairobi.

For organic foods, the Organic Farmer’s Market at the Purdy Arms is notable. It offers fresh, healthy, affordable food to visitors. It is usually very busy at the weekends. Small scale  local organic farmers bring their stuff  for sale.

The Marikiti/Wakulima Market is another fresh produce market.  It is located on Haile Selassie Avenue, right next to Muthurwa Matatu Terminus and close to the Machakos Country Bus Station. The Marikiti market is Kenya’s largest wholesale fresh produce market. The market was built in 1966 and houses at least 10,000 traders with an inventory that includes apples from France, oranges from Tanzania and onions from Uganda.

The sheer scale of the City Park Hawkers Market at Parklands is remarkable.  This covered market just off Limuru road is overwhelming. City Park Hakwers market is a large place; you can take an excursion in that market. It is known for the best supply of Voi Pixi oranges which are the most delicious you can get in all of Kenya.

While  shopping can  be  somewhat  exhausting, the  Nairobi  markets  with  their vast array  of items  can  serve you  a  holiday or  sightseeing adventure.

Author: Tubonemi – Nigeria

source foto: pinterest


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