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Storms in Pakistan, Dubai and India!

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Due to a massive storm in the Arabian Sea, countries like Pakistan have been engulfed in series of heavy rainstorms for more than two weeks now. Videos from Dubai have gone viral online but the chaos in Pakistan mostly remains undocumented. Videos in Dubai depicted rain causing massive floods on the roads, along with strong winds that led to lots of damage to the buildings as the hanging window cleaning lifts swung frivolously due to the winds. Videos from the Dubai airport show how the rain water had damaged the windows and broken the glass. With there being floods in the river Sindh, there have been deaths but the death toll also remains undocumented and there is no confirmation how many bereavements there have been so far.

Pakistan consists largely of areas that have not been urbanized yet. The people live in mud houses that easily give way under rain and collapse. There have been reports of families dying as the roofs collapse over them. Rains storms have swept the nation with most amount of rain falling over Azad Kashmir and surrounding areas. Due to the rain, there were electricity blackouts in the area and many places faced electricity blackout of up to four hours, multiple times a day.

While things seem to be settling down momentarily, it is stated in the weather forecast that next week is to bring even more heavy rain fall and windstorms. The Mangla Dam is being of some use to control the situation as it has harbored the flood waters for now and kept it from going towards the Sindh River, thus preventing more damage to the already flooded areas. The water in the Mangla dam has turned a muddy red color and the entire dam looks as if it has been flooded by blood, it is a truly haunting yet breathtaking view.

The death toll is currently being estimated over 49 but there is no correct figure as many areas are remote and still cut off, with minimal travelling possible. The rains first started from the southwest province of Pakistan which is known as Baluchistan. The area has been damaged tremendously due to the torrential rain and the province has suffered most damage as compared to other areas of Pakistan. At least 18 people were killed in the province, but the figure is an estimate and it is feared that the actual figure might be more.

The capital city of Islamabad also reported 70mm of rain in just one day. 70mm is usually the average rainfall for the entire month of March but this year things took a different course as the rain swept across from UAE into southeastern Iran and then entering into Pakistan via Baluchistan. The weather system also caused damage in Afghanistan and India. Avalanche warnings were issued in the mountainous regions of Northern India. The Indian state of Haryana faced extreme hailstorms that caused damage to the crops. According to statistics, Haryana is India’s biggest producer of wheat and barley.

Author: Adam Fiaz – USA

sourcephoto: washingtonedu


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