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Taboos of our society!

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Certain topics and problems have long been thought of a taboo in our society. They didn’t create it to the same old mealtime conversations, nor were they ever enclosed at gatherings once our elders met and had their discussions. The younger generation, however, is beginning to question these taboos. So as for us to evolve and have a lot of developed mentalities, wed like to continue this movement and speak up concerning these problems.


Addiction, once its not being treated as a skeleton within the closet, is mechanically joined with weakness. As a result, addicts don’t step forward with their problems. If they do, theres nobody to deal with them. Addiction may be a technique of copy once one finds no alternative reply. It needs rehab, another taboo thats usually brushed off. We’d like to appreciate that losing somebody to addiction is evitable and correct medical aid isn a humiliation. In fact, its one amongst the ways in which we will forestall relationships, homes, and other people from breaking.


Couples in abusive marriages are going to be told in our society to tolerate violence and quality tired the name of respect. There’s no pizza in living a miserable life, or in making an attempt to create martyrs out of these you like. Divorcees are also are} looked down upon and are even thought of failures. Why is that this so?

Divorce isn shameful, wrong or one thing that reflects on a person’s character. Things have the simplest way of not figuring out typically, and it’s time we tend to accept that, rather than encouraging those we tend to like to lie and take what life throws their method with open arms.


Parents ought not to yell from rooftops concerning sex, however, theyll a minimum of make a case for however it works, the risks related to it and therefore the necessary precautions. We tend to aren’t that progressive and that we live among bound spiritual constraints, however, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist in our society. The smallest amounts youll do is attempt to be open concerning it and stop acting like sex may be an unhealthy word.

Sexual Violence

We board a society wherever a rape victim continues to be thought of to be the foundation explanation for the incident. That is, perhaps, one amongst the vilest things a family will do. Also, rape victims are never requesting it. If they were, it wouldn’t be rape. They’re known as victims for a reason – they need to be been wronged. Why, then, will society push them into the shadows and install the concern of what others can say?

The same goes for harassment. A girl, or perhaps guy for that matter, is going to be told by the family itself that he or she should keep the incident covert. And then, of course, since we tend to don’t believe medical aid either, we tend to expect them to as if by magic heal and become stronger. We tend to don’t allow them to report it as a result of the log is usually waiting to gossip. Our justice system seldom sides with victims either, particularly if the offender has connections. Wherever will the victim go?

Rape and harassment square measure real problems. The victims ought to suffer mental wounds and bruises. They cannot be shoved at the rear of dimly lit rooms so as to erase the incident itself.


Abuse, of any kind, isn okay. As Pakistanis, we’re at home with taking the occasional chapel or hanger beating from our oldsters. However, once that abuse leaves physical and mental scars that are wherever lines ought to be drawn.

Victims of abuse are it during a wedding or to one’s parent, also are silenced. This silence, on the victim’s half, roots from the concern of the maltreated. As so much as families are involved, they’re either petrified of being judged by society or concern triggering additional abuse as a reaction to speaking out.

Varied cases go unreported and people that do get rumored don seem to be registered. However is that this okay and why will we not point out this?

The Trans Community

Transgender are related to beggary and vice crime – a stereotype thats bolstered by the media. Imagine living during a society wherever your community has been ugly and distorted to the extent wherever an oversized chunk of individuals doesn’t even contemplate you human. It’s no secret that the Trans community faces each kind of discrimination. However, they need survived within the thick of our unwelcoming eyes which, itself, is sacred.


Can we tend to please, jointly, agree on the very fact that periods are a natural a part of a woman’s life cycle and may not be treated like one thing to be mortified of? Heaps folks were instructed that periods are ‘sacred’ and that we shouldn’t point out them publically, particularly before of men. Why is that so?

Men comprehend them, ladies comprehend them, children are instructed concerning them, therefore World Health Organization specifically square measure we tend to kid? Let’s simply conform to grow the spoil and be less insecure concerning one thing that the world’s population goes through.

Author: Abdul Wally


sourcephoto: pinterest


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