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News has come through that the Venezuelan crisis has just become worse. Venezuela has only $10.5 billion worth foreign reserves and the money is fast running out. As of today Venezuela has outstanding debt payments of $7.2 billion. The country had $30 billion worth foreign reserves in 2011, then $20

You might be surprised to know which country has the most number of millionaires in the world. No, it’s not the USA, it is actually Venezuela. But the only problem is that their money is not worth much at all. Venezuela has been struggling with rampant corruption at the moment.

Best Worldwide Movies for 2017: Part 5 Mar 10: Kong- Skull Island In spite of the fact that the story of the King Kong story is revived, the movie is at least taking unique approach. So far very little info has been released to the public, however we realize the

Best Worldwide Movies for 2017: Part 4 Mar 10: T2 Trainspotting Expectations were quite high for the sequel the moment it was first released to public, however once the trailer was made open to audience, it deteriorated the mood to a small extent. Possibly 30 years actually is a long