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There has been a definite enthusiasm in the US economy following Donald Trump’s major victory in the US Presidential Election of November 2016. Since then, the Dow Jones has been hitting record highs every week, even crossing the 21,000 mark. But the fact is the GDP growth in 2016 was

As you may have noticed from watching the TV news, the protests in Venezuela have only intensified over the last few weeks. President Nicolas Maduro has called for an election for constitutional assembly which the opposition has boycotted. They say that Maduro wants to convert his rule over the country

After brutal attacks of novice Intruders named ISIS on Iraq it was not a strange announcement on March 24th that the government in Baghdad announced the beginning of operations to regain the control of Mosul city, Iraq’s second largest area wise. Things went better at the starting when Iraqi army

Hola Mi amigos It is Jamaica Urban Legend here with a wonderful piece of news on the country of Cuba Mickey Mouse might have as much of an impact on Tampa-Cuba relations as José Martí. Before the embargo against the island-nation, Tampa and Cuba were major trading partners. Tampa primarily

It is Russia versus the USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics The Rio 2016 Olympics has been a very controversial one already. There have been massive protests in Brazil against the government even as the games carry on. In fact, the IOC was very close to imposing a blanket ban

Hello, It is Jamaica Urban Legend here with some more news on the wonderful country of Trinidad and Tobago. Trinidad and Tobago is to retrofit an area of its Piarco International Airport by July, to improve accommodation for Jamaicans refused entry into the two-island republic. Minister of Foreign Affairs and

Everyone loves a good read (or most of us do).  There are lots of books that people share back an forth amongst book clubs, but then there are lots of huge favourites that make the national list at the end of the year.  Each year, CBC hosts the “Canada Reads”

As if it were a mandatory vacation, the government of Venezuela has decreed that the workweek of public employees in the country will be reduced to only two days a week, specifically on Mondays and Tuesdays. In addition, all schools, except for universities, will not work on Fridays. This measure

EN As election time heats up for those who are looking to become the new President of the United States, everything that happens in the world of politics is under the eye of a microscope.  That being said, its still nice to see that there is room for those who

There were hundreds of anti-government rallies across Brazil on Sunday attended by millions of protesters, asking for President Dilma Rousseff’s resignation. Many wanted Rousseff to be impeached and thrown out of office. The biggest protest took place in the city of Sao Paulo, which attracted over 450,000 protesters. There were