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1. iPhone 7: Brief Intro Typically, people are quite charged up when it comes to a new iPhone, however the current year’s iPhone 7 launch triggered a controversy of the company’s decision to eliminate the head phone jack. Although the latest iPhone-7 might not have the headphone jack, nonetheless Apple

iPhone 7: Verizon Users Report Few Issues However the Fix Is Not That Bothersome The users of the latest iPhone-7 are loving the company’s next generation device, although a few users on the Verizon noticed their new device will randomly & periodically drop the signal falling back to the 3G

Some iPhone Devices Facing Strange Activation Lock Error A weird malfunction is apparently prompting an Activation Lock on the recently launched iPhone 7 smart phones, with users finding their device already associated with the Apple email ID of other person. MacRumors states more and more iPhone owners are reporting such issue. As

In a significant development, Alphabet, which is the company the holds Google, has become the most valuable company in the world, having surpassed Apple, which held this position since 2010. Alphabet has released its latest earning report where it stated that it had made a profit of $4.9 billion for

Bangalore, India 28/7/2014 According to a report released earlier today by the US based HfS Research, Indian software engineers are increasingly becoming a very important factor in Apple\s success. In fact, the report goes on to say that as many as 33% of Apple\s engineers are from India, working at

Typed is a super simple application for OS X which makes it simple for you to complete your writing tasks. This app is very basic, however comes along with some features which aim on improving you concentration. Basically, Typed is one of those bare bones mark down editors. There are not