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The Olympics and Austria – how Austria is currently doing and how we may succeed in the future Austria is not the best state when it’s about the summer games of the Olympics. That’s clear and nothing new. But this year we only reached one medal – bronze in Rowing.

Germany and its counsel or ungulate medical are continuing to struggle to and solve the immigration crisis. Months after scandals like during the Celestine light the sexual harassment happened, Germany is continuing to lead in immigrants. Even though there are some minor or change months they have done, Germany is

Avalanches: 2016 seems to be an especially tough year in terms of avalanches-risks in Austria This winter seems to be an especially tough year when it’s about avalanches. More than a dozen of people have already died under an avalanche or due to the effects of avalanches in Austria. But
Migrants wave as they arrive at the main railway station in Munich, southern Germany, on September 06, 2015. Germany on Sunday prepared for more refugees to arrive from Hungary via Austria, a day after thousands were greeted, often by volunteers holding signs that read "Welcome to Germany". But calls grew for a European solution to its worst refugee crisis since World War II. AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOF STACHE

Migration in Austria – already too much or just right? Austria got a long history in terms of migration. The country ruled over Hungary in the Austrian-Hungary monarchy and made it possible for lots of people in southern and eastern Europe to migrate from their home countries to the Austria

Me – as a writer, as a person My name is Lukas. There is nothing much I know about this name except that its root come from Christians in Italy. Without having any desire to brag, I would personally consider myself as a little bit different from the very beginning