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International Articles 22-Canadian Tourist Must-Dos Summer is in full swing, weather and all, and Canadians are bringing out the paintbrushes and signs to make sure that everyone and everything is ready for the already starting tourism season.  Tourism is a huge industry in Canada for several reasons, the most relevant

The Tim Hortons Stereotype Canadians are kind, loving, generous, strong, and brave.  But, they do love their coffee.  One of the most frequent jokes made in expense of Canadians is that they love their Tim Hortons.  Theres no question that coffee loving is true, but what about all of the

Now that the initial chaos has slowed down about the physical fight that the Prime Minister got into with the members of the NDP party, there is quite a lot to be said about the fact that the political unrest got so tense and prominent that it caused a physical

As Canada starts to return to normal after the scary happenings in the beautiful and destroyed city of For McMurray, there is a trend growing in the western provinces, and that is the rising gas prices.  This rise is directly linked to the massive fire in Fort McMurray, as the

Everyone loves a good read (or most of us do).  There are lots of books that people share back an forth amongst book clubs, but then there are lots of huge favourites that make the national list at the end of the year.  Each year, CBC hosts the “Canada Reads”

EN As election time heats up for those who are looking to become the new President of the United States, everything that happens in the world of politics is under the eye of a microscope.  That being said, its still nice to see that there is room for those who

With the cold temperatures, more and more Canadians are huddling inside their homes and avoiding the frigid air that meets them when they head out to go to work.  What many don realize, is that there are many of us that don have homes to begin with, so enjoy the

Theres no question that the education system in Canada is different from province to province.  From one end of the country to the other, children experience different ways of thinking and learning that change them into different people year by year.  While this is not a bad thing, in theory,

Even in the quietest comics that are written about Canada, there are always references to the bitter winter that it is home to.  This is a characteristic of Canada that is very true and honest, meaning that every winter, the parkas and boots come out from anything after November, to

Heavily discussed all over the world, doctor assisted death is making itself known in Canada as well.  Debates over whether it is cruel or not have been voiced over the past several years, but finally the Government has spoken out in favour of doctor assisted death for those who meet