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Hello Every body, It is Jamaica Urban Legend here once again, to talk about the wonderful country of Belize, Land of the Free by the Carib Sea!! From barrier reefs to dense tropical rainforests, the country of Belize offers much to attract the average American. So while it wasn’t surprising

Hello, it’s Jamaica Urban Legend here with another lovely news report. Once gain Its Champs, so it’s more running, running and running. I am looking forward to see what kinds of talents will emerge from this wonderful competition. Please Enjoy. CALABAR High and Edwin Allen High are favourites to retain
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Hola!! How are you? I hope you are doing well and feeling fine today, I know I am!! Anyway let’s take a look at our lovely neighbors Cuba. Now when you think about Cuba, you often think Fidel Castro, Raul Castro or even baseball, but here is one sport that