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Society is made by people and people think differently. The way the people think majorly depends upon the ways that have been used for their upbringing. Mothers are the one who are responsible for nourishment and the development of a kid. An educated mother is definitely a positive because education

Celebrities from any state of the world have this great responsibility on their shoulders to present their ethnicities, art and culture and to connect with the world through media. Pakistani celebrities have been proving themselves as an ambassador of Pakistan across the globe  since decades. Pakistani media, film and drama

Last year I narrated the story of how my friend Ben left for Thailand.  I had said it was almost like a dream. Of course, he had been planning to leave the country for a while. But then it happened so fast. I only got to know he had arrived,

(Inspired by an article from Jordana Narin – Modern Love) First thing first – I have been a bit busy lately and have been unable to report regularly. Such is life and the things involved in it that sometimes you have to take a break and set your priorities again.
Mobile phone in class

With great power, comes great responsibility; the almost impossible responsibility of reining in that temptation that tugs at you to ask Google for help. Because you can. Forgetting an important date or a formula is not going to present teachers with glorious opportunities anymore to snatch precious marks away with

Not many days are left before I come back to Sweden – what seemed like an eternity (16 months) is almost about to be over. It has been an inspiring journey so far, so many experiences, so many things – and so many memories that had been long forgotten. You

The rise of selfie photography in some of the worlds most beautiful, and dangerous, places is sparking a range of interventions aimed at combating risk-taking that has resulted in a string of gruesome deaths worldwide. The act of taking a picture of oneself with a mobile phone, placing the subject

Greetings, Jamaica Urban Legend here with another article on Jamaica, Love is a wonderful thing, and not many people get to experience it, so if it comes along, please, please, savour it. What was once a young romance blossomed into a deep love that felt oh so right. That was