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Australia’s relationship with China and the United States of America (USA) are becoming increasingly complicated. As its largest trading partner in the Pacific, China is an integral component in Australia’s economic prosperity and domestic security. However, China’s actions in the South China Sea, coupled with Australia’s longstanding security relationship with

The Nile River has long been synonymous with Egypt, flowing past the gargantuan Aswan Dam, the Great Pyramids at Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. However, the ownership of this mighty source of fresh water is heavily disputed, leading to tremendous tension between the countries of the Nile River Basin,

We all have heard of the war that really destabilized both countries for quite some period of time and it also effected the relations of Arab countries with each other. This was Iran Iraq war which was started in September 1980 by Dictator Saddam Hussain, the war throughout, included missiles,

LAHORE: As I write this, I am almost tired and depressed of reading the sad stories that are at my desk right now. A few weeks ago, Germany was the last bastion of humanity, now it seems that hatred has also found a way over there. Who is to be

NEW YORK: Another major round of meetings is expected between Russia and USA in New York on Friday to try to force a United Nation resolution for peace process involved in Russia. Over the last few months both countries have been constantly trying to reach a solution to the Syrian