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One of the best books I have read recently has been J. D. Vance’s Hillbilly Elegy. This book became particularly famous because of Donald Trump’s win in the Presidential elections. It seeks to explain why so many working class voters in America preferred Trump to Hillary. Vance is from rural

Greek prime minister, Alexis Tsipras said recently in a wide ranging interview with The Guardian that the worst is over for the Greek economy. “The worst is clearly behind us. We can now say with certainty that the economy is on the up … Slowly, slowly, what nobody believed could

There has been a definite enthusiasm in the US economy following Donald Trump’s major victory in the US Presidential Election of November 2016. Since then, the Dow Jones has been hitting record highs every week, even crossing the 21,000 mark. But the fact is the GDP growth in 2016 was

There is a serious unemployment crisis looming over Africa. A report by Tony Blair’s Institute for Global Change said that there will be 50 million unemployed youth in Africa by 2040 – just 23 years from now, which could cause considerable havoc on the continent. Unemployment is already a major

Seriously, all of us could do with some extra cash in the pocket. So, how to make some quick money real fast? This depends on your individual circumstances, skill sets and time available, but here you will find 5 easy ways to earn some extra cash fast. Take advantage of

You may have heard about the “Gig Economy” – it refers to how people work in the modern world. We don’t have the luxury of working for 40 years for the same company as our parents’ and grandparents’ generations did. Now, at least one-third of the workers across the globe

You have no doubt heard of the freelance gig economy. Estimates show that over one-third of US working population are self-employed, working as freelancers, as a part of the “gig” economy. In the UK too, we have similar stats – 4.8 million Britons or a sixth of the UK adult

News has come through that the Venezuelan crisis has just become worse. Venezuela has only $10.5 billion worth foreign reserves and the money is fast running out. As of today Venezuela has outstanding debt payments of $7.2 billion. The country had $30 billion worth foreign reserves in 2011, then $20

You might be surprised to know which country has the most number of millionaires in the world. No, it’s not the USA, it is actually Venezuela. But the only problem is that their money is not worth much at all. Venezuela has been struggling with rampant corruption at the moment.

There have been massive public demonstrations in Romania over the last week, in response to fears that the Romanian government was retreating on anti-corruption reforms. The government issued a decree recently, which is seen by the public as a setback in the nation’s fight against corruption. Hundreds of thousands of