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Everyone knows that the Greek economy has been in dire straits for the last few years, but now, news has emerged that Greece has only time till three weeks break a deadlock with creditors. Otherwise the nation’s debt crisis can get worse, and it could lead to an immediate economic

One June 23, 2016, there will be a national referendum in Britain and all citizens will be expected to cast their votes on a simple question: Do you want Britain to remain in the European Union – Yes or No. If a majority of the people vote “No” that would

Something horrible happened on New Year’s Eve in the city of Cologne in Germany. Over 500 sexual assaults were made against women, most of them by young Muslim men of Middle-Eastern or North African origins.  Earlier, the German police said that there were 379 cases of sexual assaults, but since

STOCKHOLM: Ever since I have been back, I have been unable to do one of my most favorite things in the world – interviewing people. A few months back when I was in Pakistan and traveling, it was one of those things that kept me intrigued. Every single day, I