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Everyone knows that the Greek economy has been in dire straits for the last few years, but now, news has emerged that Greece has only time till three weeks break a deadlock with creditors. Otherwise the nation’s debt crisis can get worse, and it could lead to an immediate economic

This week began with the warning by the United States and the United Kingdom of a high threat of attacks against foreigners in shopping malls in South Africa, two days after a similar advisory was issued by the United States embassy in Pretoria. The warning identified supermarkets, shopping areas and

Stockholm was treated to a magnificent spectacle as Eurovision contest of 2016 reached its final conclusion. Although there were many heart warming entries and songs – one of them stood tall amongst them all. The Ukranian song sung beautifully by Jamala won not only the hearts and souls of the

Istanbul European Choir comprises of 100 artists all originating from various callings, nationalities and religions. The main thing that kept them together for over 30 years is their deference of polyphonic music. The staff changes each year by new attendances and by the way that a few individuals need to

Germany and its counsel or ungulate medical are continuing to struggle to and solve the immigration crisis. Months after scandals like during the Celestine light the sexual harassment happened, Germany is continuing to lead in immigrants. Even though there are some minor or change months they have done, Germany is

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual contest in Europe. Eurovision is also a competition involving European countries in the field of entertainment. Eurovision is also called olympics in the field of pop music. The contest is a determination of the best songs of the year in Europe. The contest

Stockholm: I know, this isn’t mainstream news but sometimes I use this medium to express some of my most intimate and hidden feelings. Today is one of those days where I take this opportunity to not talk about the events happening all over the world but instead discuss things that

Avalanches: 2016 seems to be an especially tough year in terms of avalanches-risks in Austria This winter seems to be an especially tough year when it’s about avalanches. More than a dozen of people have already died under an avalanche or due to the effects of avalanches in Austria. But
Migrants wave as they arrive at the main railway station in Munich, southern Germany, on September 06, 2015. Germany on Sunday prepared for more refugees to arrive from Hungary via Austria, a day after thousands were greeted, often by volunteers holding signs that read "Welcome to Germany". But calls grew for a European solution to its worst refugee crisis since World War II. AFP PHOTO / CHRISTOF STACHE

Migration in Austria – already too much or just right? Austria got a long history in terms of migration. The country ruled over Hungary in the Austrian-Hungary monarchy and made it possible for lots of people in southern and eastern Europe to migrate from their home countries to the Austria

After the massive and heart piercing Paris Attacks the intelligence and police departments all around the Europe are on a high alert and fighting the ISIS planners and other members as well. The head of Europol Rob Wainwright pass out his recent statement on the planning of Islamic State that