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Iraqi Food—the insider View Iraq is located in the heart of Middle East. Divided in four regions including plain, deserted, water area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and mountain area. Iraq has been greatly dictated by the neighboring countries in desert and food traits. Turks and Iran have been

Some people love pork; some do not. Some religions see pork derived from the pig as unclean meat and the pig an unclean animal. However, pork is loved and eaten by many in metropolitan Douala. 26,000 pigs inspected and slaughtered in 2015 alone with an average of 73 slaughtered daily,

Are you looking for a perfect diet? Well, there is no such thing as the perfect diet. Several studies have shown that there are few best foods that really help you in losing your weight. These key foods work for different reasons in different ways, but all foods have in

Call it a place to relax or a place to do some sight-seeing and you won’t be wrong. When my wife talked about Dominos, it was as if, if you didn’t go there you hadn’t gone anywhere. So we travelled to Port-Harcourt for the Christmas holidays. It was an exhilarating

A new start-up BeanGenius delivers special coffee based upon users personal taste. According to BeanGenius, there’s a big group of coffee consumers who don’t get the coffee which they actually deserve. Using its subscription based service, BeanGenius desires to take such neglected consumers on a trip to search their ideal

There is nothing complicated or secretive about healthy eating. Eating more wholesome meals and less processed food is the best known route to good health. And yet, while this is common knowledge, not all of us do this. Nutritionist Leanne Cooper, writer of the bestselling book, Change the Way You

Each and every one of this entire world has his or her own craving. It can be of varied things. And among them, the foodies with a sweet tooth are never backed away from trying something new. So, here a little something that will not only introduce you to a