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Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi – who is better? As of now, Ronaldo seems to have a big edge over his great rival. Not only has he won the Euro 2016 with Portugal, he has won the La Liga this year and two UEFA Champions Leagues in two years with

How Iceland made it to the top so far in the EM A lot happened during the UEFA world cup. But most importantly, Iceland scored big during the UEFA cup. Isn’t it impressive how well Iceland did, even though their country is not really that big? Certainly there’s a lot

Group A: Albania 0 – 1 Switzerland It was a family show in the match between Albania and Switzerland, quite literally. Six players in the Switzerland side are of Albanian heritage and 10 players in the Albania team were either born or raised in Switzerland. Interestingly, this was the first

Romania came very close to snatching a point from hosts France in the opening match of the Euro 2016.  Bogdan Stancus penalty had made it 1-1 after Olivier Giroud’s opening goal. But that wasn’t to be as Dimitri Payet of West Ham United hit a sensational goal to win the
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Hola!! How are you? I hope you are doing well and feeling fine today, I know I am!! Anyway let’s take a look at our lovely neighbors Cuba. Now when you think about Cuba, you often think Fidel Castro, Raul Castro or even baseball, but here is one sport that
Antonio Valencia and Rafael da Silva, left, provided double trouble for Ashley Cole of Chelsea

Another season of the English Premier League begins this Saturday. So who will win it this time? Will it be Jose Mourinho’s Chelsea, the defending champions, Arsene Wenger’s Arsenal, Manuel Pellegrini’s Manchester City or  Louis van Gaal’s Manchester United? All four teams have been considerably strengthened during the summer with

Hello Jamaica Urban Legend here with another report on my island Jamaica!! Miguel Coley, head coach of Jamaicas Under-23 football team, which crashed out of the Rio Summer Olympic Games 2016 following their third-place finish in the Caribbean Football Union Mens Under-23 Championship here over the weekend, is appealing to