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As if it were a mandatory vacation, the government of Venezuela has decreed that the workweek of public employees in the country will be reduced to only two days a week, specifically on Mondays and Tuesdays. In addition, all schools, except for universities, will not work on Fridays. This measure

There were hundreds of anti-government rallies across Brazil on Sunday attended by millions of protesters, asking for President Dilma Rousseff’s resignation. Many wanted Rousseff to be impeached and thrown out of office. The biggest protest took place in the city of Sao Paulo, which attracted over 450,000 protesters. There were

For the first time in its history, the government yesterday temporarily shut down the internet in Bangladesh, affecting businesses and services heavily dependent on the digital network. The government actually meant to block Facebook and online messaging and calling services WhatsApp and Viber. The order came this morning immediately after the

Authorities in India have cracked down on Greenpeace, banning its India branch from receiving funds from abroad. This follows a series of crackdowns by the Indian government against environmental and developmental organizations. This follows a strong feeling in India that non-government organizations, aided and abetted by western governments, are working

On this year’s budget, the government slapped 7.5 percent VAT on private universities. The decision drew widespread criticism from among students and guardians. Which resulted in thousands of private university students took to the streets and blocked traffic in the capital and elsewhere yesterday, to press home their demand for