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Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi – who is better? As of now, Ronaldo seems to have a big edge over his great rival. Not only has he won the Euro 2016 with Portugal, he has won the La Liga this year and two UEFA Champions Leagues in two years with

Series of prolonged and forced invasions, occupations, and cease-fires are to show that wars are never meant to be ended. With over a decade long occupied place, several questions are arising about the health level of the next generation facing the war heat. Yet for few exceptions, there is nothing serious

We all have heard of the war that really destabilized both countries for quite some period of time and it also effected the relations of Arab countries with each other. This was Iran Iraq war which was started in September 1980 by Dictator Saddam Hussain, the war throughout, included missiles,

Stockholm was treated to a magnificent spectacle as Eurovision contest of 2016 reached its final conclusion. Although there were many heart warming entries and songs – one of them stood tall amongst them all. The Ukranian song sung beautifully by Jamala won not only the hearts and souls of the

The Eurovision Song Contest is an annual contest in Europe. Eurovision is also a competition involving European countries in the field of entertainment. Eurovision is also called olympics in the field of pop music. The contest is a determination of the best songs of the year in Europe. The contest

Hola, Its Jamaica Urban Legend here again, with another piece of news from the island of Cuba, I hope you keep the faith, always believe!!1 Three new exhibits honoring Cuba’s patron saint, Our Lady of Charity, were unveiled Tuesday as thousands of devotees paid homage to the venerated religious icon