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Series of prolonged and forced invasions, occupations, and cease-fires are to show that wars are never meant to be ended. With over a decade long occupied place, several questions are arising about the health level of the next generation facing the war heat. Yet for few exceptions, there is nothing serious

Iraq- the City of ancients Many old civilization exist on mother earth having different culture, living styles, social norms and other values. These ancient civilizations not only reflect the living styles and culture but they have also passed on the methods of survival, latest trends, social traits, arts and many

After brutal attacks of novice Intruders named ISIS on Iraq it was not a strange announcement on March 24th that the government in Baghdad announced the beginning of operations to regain the control of Mosul city, Iraq’s second largest area wise. Things went better at the starting when Iraqi army

We all have heard of the war that really destabilized both countries for quite some period of time and it also effected the relations of Arab countries with each other. This was Iran Iraq war which was started in September 1980 by Dictator Saddam Hussain, the war throughout, included missiles,

ISIS in Iraq—A new face of terrorism Yesterday I saw a video on TV where a chameleon was adapting colors upon touching colorful objects. This, for me, was an adaptation beyond imagination. After watching this, I tuned into Al-Jazeera, an Arab channel where news were about the execution of some

Iraqi Food—the insider View Iraq is located in the heart of Middle East. Divided in four regions including plain, deserted, water area between the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers and mountain area. Iraq has been greatly dictated by the neighboring countries in desert and food traits. Turks and Iran have been

Due to the many attacks in Europe and their terroristic activity in Europe, ISIS is a term everybody knows. Everybody has heard of their violent behavior in the Middle East and their beheadings and killing methods. In 2016, ISIS already exists for a few years continuously. How is ISIS currently

In a good news for the forces fighting the deadly Islamist terrorist outfit ISIS or Islamic State, one of the top Islamic State leaders,  commander Omar al-Shishani has been confirmed as “clinically dead” for several days after getting hit by a US air strike in northern Syria. Rami Abdel Rahman, who

Many of us know about Iraq. It is also a country which suffers due to various conflicts. World media has focused into Iraq as there are many human rights violations occur inside the country. Though the country has various conflicts, shopping plays an important role in Iraq people like other