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It is too difficult to express in words what I am about to say – sometimes I wish I was more articulate with words, more learned when it came to knowledge and possessed more wisdom when presenting my point of view. Sadly, as I write this, I am stuck with

The claim that the brutal militant group IS has carried out the bomb attack at the Huseni Dalan in Old Dhaka on the eve of the Tazia parade early last Saturday does not stand to reason. If one looks at the history of the emergence of the Islamic State or

A top Iranian military commander has been killed by ISIS in Syria, where he was advising the Syrian army in its fight against extremists, Iranian state media reported Friday. France said yesterday it had carried out a second wave of strikes overnight on Islamic State targets in Syria and accused

Russia is openly supporting the Syrian leader Bassar al-Assad as the battle for Syria’s second most important city begins in earnest between President Assad’s army and the opposition group represented by the Free Syrian Army. It has been three weeks since President Putin decided to intervene in Syria with the
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In what is considered to be the deadliest terrorist attack in Turkey’s history, 95 people were killed and 250 wounded; many of them seriously after two explosions in the heart of Ankara. The terror strike was targeted at a peace rally which was attended by tens of thousands of people,

In this year’s summit, Dhaka; the capital of Bangladesh came in second in the top worst cities to live in list. And the recent event that occurred in the capital surely seems to agree with it as an Italian national was shot dead by armed criminals in the capitals Gulshan