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Angela Merkel: Is she soon going too be umemployed? Angela Merkel – hardly any other person advocated the rush of migrants into Germany as strongly as she did. As she declared, that no Syrian will not get an asylum status in Germany, millions of people from all ethnicities in the

ISIS in Iraq—A new face of terrorism Yesterday I saw a video on TV where a chameleon was adapting colors upon touching colorful objects. This, for me, was an adaptation beyond imagination. After watching this, I tuned into Al-Jazeera, an Arab channel where news were about the execution of some

Afghanistan Pakistan border disputes continue to hamper trade: ISLAMABAD: Authorities in Afghanistan said that Afghan products are constantly facing problems while being exported to India through the Eastern border in Pakistan which is called Wagah. This border crossing has been historically used by Afghanistan and Pakistan as a major trade

CUBA: Mi Amigos, how are you? You know disease is a horrible thing, which is why prevention is better than cure. But let’s take a look at this rare exception, On what appears to be a residential street on the outskirts of Havana, the tan building with a guard gate