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Kids are the assert of our country and if they are not secure mentally and physically so our future is also not safe. Kidnapping is an unlawful transportation of a person without his consent. In our country kidnapping is becoming common day by day and every year millions of people

Pakistan – the case of missing children. LAHORE: Pakistan’s Lahore – the capital city of the highly populated Punjab province located in the eastern side of the country has seen a shocking wave of child abduction (between the age of 8 to 15) that has left authorities with their heads

Gunmen also go to Church Gun men also go to church. Of course, the church is a public place. But they obviously do not go there to worship. Or perhaps they do; but their worship is of a different kind. They worship money that they get from stealing things and

“The Father who chained his Son” The sad report came in that Francis Taiwo, a Celestial Church of Christ pastor had starved and kept his nine-year-old son in chains for months. The man has been arrested. The 40-year-old pastor was apprehended by the police from the Onipanu division on Sunday