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With an attendance of 2.9 million people in Washington D.C., the Women’s March on Washington took place on January 21, 2017 and became the biggest protest ever held in United States history. Not only was the march held in Washington but sister marches were held in all continents of the

You have probably noticed them – men and women wearing Guy Fawkes masks. Protestors, anarchists, hacktivists – they are members of the group Anonymous. Anonymous is a group of anarchists and hackers who have hundreds of thousands of members all over the world, fighting capitalism, corruption, religious intolerance or bigotry

Every year the prestigious National Geographic magazine carries out a competition where thousands of amateur wild life photographers from all over the globe send in their entries. After a comprehensive examination by many experts of the field, the best few entries are selected in different category and the top one

For me the most important news of the last week was NASA exclaiming that water has been discovered on Mars. We have tried this before, we went all the way to the moon in hope of finding something that could help us colonize it but our search was futile. It