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Kids are the assert of our country and if they are not secure mentally and physically so our future is also not safe. Kidnapping is an unlawful transportation of a person without his consent. In our country kidnapping is becoming common day by day and every year millions of people

Pakistan – the case of missing children. LAHORE: Pakistan’s Lahore – the capital city of the highly populated Punjab province located in the eastern side of the country has seen a shocking wave of child abduction (between the age of 8 to 15) that has left authorities with their heads

Multiple stab wounds in Japan Residents of Japan are completely shocked at the moment. 19 people were stabbed and at least 26 other innocent people were injured during an attack plotted by a person totally disgusting. Things did not end there because the people who were attacked today were actually

Issue of Christians in Pakistan As Christians are known as the minority group in Pakistan they are given all the rights to practice their religion, but in some areas and places they face some problems and issues. We cannot discuss all the issues of Christianity, but will discuss some of

Mexico City: Karla Jacinto is a brave woman – for years she has been known as a strong voice against human trafficking. Her life has been a story that deserves a larger audience, an audience that is able to understand the difficulties that she had to go through. By her

Karla was lured into running away from her home at the tender age of ten. It was a good looking guy who appeared to be kind to her. Flashy and nice – someone who gave her gifts and told her things that she wanted to hear. Deprived of love and

In this year’s summit, Dhaka; the capital of Bangladesh came in second in the top worst cities to live in list. And the recent event that occurred in the capital surely seems to agree with it as an Italian national was shot dead by armed criminals in the capitals Gulshan