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This week began with the warning by the United States and the United Kingdom of a high threat of attacks against foreigners in shopping malls in South Africa, two days after a similar advisory was issued by the United States embassy in Pretoria. The warning identified supermarkets, shopping areas and

Frumusețea și femeile sunt sinonime în întreaga lume, fiecare femeie din lume este frumoasă și atractivă și are ceva unic în personalitate care o face specială. Se crede totuși că divele aparțin lumii Hollywoodului sau Bollywoodului dar asta nu e adevărat în totalitate. Există și în lumea islamică femei frumoase

After the massive and heart piercing Paris Attacks the intelligence and police departments all around the Europe are on a high alert and fighting the ISIS planners and other members as well. The head of Europol Rob Wainwright pass out his recent statement on the planning of Islamic State that

About a week ago, several gunmen armed with grenades and Kalashnikovs took to the Bacha Khan University in Charsadda, Pakistan. In the heinous act, 21 people including teachers and pupils were martyred by these gunmen; people report hearing multiple explosions sounds from within the premises of the university. . Killing

Malala Yousufzai yet again makes history and makes Pakistan proud. The 18 year old is making headlines globally for not only her recent documentary doing rounds on the international box office but also for appearing on the world renowned television talk show known as the Ellen DeGeneres Show, hosted by

Ahmed Mohamed is a 14-year-old boy who lived in Irving, Texas and had dreams of working in engineering and technology. He makes his radios and repairs his go-karts. On Monday, September 14, Ahmed expected to impress his teachers at to MacArthur High School with a clock he had made at

By now the whole world knows about the terrorist attack carried out by the husband-wife duo in San Bernardino, California that killed 14 innocent people. More details are emerging about the 14 victims at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. They were a mix of young and old, men

US Presidential race candidate and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has come under a lot of attack from the liberal media in the United States for his various comments against Muslims, his support of the right to firearms in the United States and attacks against various liberal positions. But he

Can a Muslim be the President of the United States No, insists Dr. Carson. US Presidential race candidate Dr. Ben Carson has been surging in polls following his recent comments where he said he would not want a Muslim to serve as the President of the United States. While his