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There was a terror attack in London last week that claimed the lives of 6 innocent people. The three terrorists behind the attack were killed by the police in a swift action. The attacks first began with the terrorists driving a van into a crowd of people on a Saturday

If the highly influential U.S. Senator from Arkansas Tom Cotton has his way, only PhDs and highly educated computer scientists from countries like India will be allowed entrance into the US. Senator Cotton has said that most foreign engineers get into the US with H1B work visa and green card

President Donald Trump had an interesting first week in his new job. Now, whether that was a good week or a bad one, or even a terrible one, depends on who you talk to. Trump issued an executive order ordering the closing of borders to all refugees for a period

The new US President Donald Trump has been facing a lot of criticism because of his recent executive order that imposes a ban on Muslim refugees from selected countries, including Syria, Iraq and Iran, from entering the United States. President Trump’s executive order bans all arrivals from some countries in

United States has claimed to kill 119 civilians in Iraq and Syria since their operation against the Islamic State started mainly in 2014, authorities said Wednesday 9th November. Each and every time, US army followed the prescribed procedure and fulfilled the parameters required in the project and no violation was

Everyone understands the hellish conditions that the Syrians are living in.  They are flooding out of their country and into those surrounding it, searching for a better life for their children and loved ones that are torn apart mentally and emotionally by the war that they were living in.  The