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A New Type of Stars When you think of stars you obviously think about these people which live on high pedestals and are being admired from all sides by millions. Basically you think about them as jewelry, meta-humans. This is the way stars are perceived in the world nowadays, but

The 2016 Billboard Music Awards happened this week and a lot went down and we here at Zapper news have all the scoop and gossip to share with you. Music awards like this are much more entertaining that classy awards like the Oscars. While everyone at the Oscars is one

Even without making a mega-hit pop album since 2013, Queen of Pop Mother Monster Lady Gaga seems to be living through an all time high in her career. Lady Gaga is currently demonstrating how, no matter what, talent always shines through and true talent is what matters the most. Since

Music is a cultural activity or art form whose medium is sound and silence. The most common parts of music are Pitch, Rhythm and Dynamics. Some of these most common elements are emphasized or de-emphasized by different styles or types. Music is performed with a variety of instruments and techniques