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Celebrities from any state of the world have this great responsibility on their shoulders to present their ethnicities, art and culture and to connect with the world through media. Pakistani celebrities have been proving themselves as an ambassador of Pakistan across the globe  since decades. Pakistani media, film and drama

Due to a massive storm in the Arabian Sea, countries like Pakistan have been engulfed in series of heavy rainstorms for more than two weeks now. Videos from Dubai have gone viral online but the chaos in Pakistan mostly remains undocumented. Videos in Dubai depicted rain causing massive floods on

We live in a country which is blessed with many resources, beautiful valleys, running rivers and many seasons. Pakistan is in those countries that enjoy many seasons in different time periods like hot summer, windy and cloudy autumns, icy winters and beautiful spring season. In spring season not only flowers

LAHORE: The Pakistani president is a quiet person, or so we have come to find out. He is mostly always out of the lime light and remains true to his words that his role as a president will remain more as a facilitator than anything. In the current Pakistani political

Many areas of Pakistan have been blessed with the season’s first snowfall on the 11th of February, 2016. The recorded snowfall in one day has been 12 inches in many cities like Abbotabad. Margla Hills of Islamabad have seen the first snow fall in 10 years and the city is

The time is way past midnight. Everything seems calm. Its the middle of September, 1971. The location is Shonir Char(islet), an inconspicuous fictional village under Barisal District, Sector 9 of independent Bangladesh. But Shonir Char is of great strategic importance to both the nefarious Pakistani Army, who are currently occupying