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DESK REPORT: There are many kinds of people in our world. And being part of this world, we all know what these kinds are so I wouldn’t go on defining the types of people in detail. There is one kind however, one specific brilliant kind that stands unique from all

  There are several items that can be recycled to make useful items. Pakistan being a developing country has taken this as an opportunity with both hands to create some useful and unique stuff that could be used in multiple ways. So here we will talk about a fishing equipment

Champions Trophy was due to start on June 1st 2017 with Pakistan being the 8th ranked team and probably the least favorite team of the tournament. As expected Pakistan started its journey on 4th June with a big loss to the arch rivals India. Things were not going Pakistan’s way,

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was dismissed by the nation’s Supreme Court on corruption charges last week. This follows a critical turn of events after a series of exposes called as the “Panama Papers”. Pakistan’s opposition leader, Imran Khan, has fought relentlessly to expose Nawaz Sharief’s corruption over the last

Mother’s day is a day when every person presents tribute and honor to her mother and also show their love and the place of the mother in the heart as she is the one who not only take care of her child but also support her child and she has

PAKISTAN ARMY The above cited lyric, by a Palestinian artist delineates the genuine internal soul of each nationalist. I learnt this sonnet and at whatever point I present these verses I see a picture of each Pakistani fighter why should prepared bite the dust for this land, in the front

Attack on the Balochistan Police Cadets Academy The Police Training Centre (PCT) is located outside the city near Saryab area. And many Cadet get their training that is required in police from this academy. But on 25th october 2016 there was a blast held in the academy at night. According

Because blood is cheaper than water – Terrorists attack on Quetta Police Academy PAKISTAN: A police academy in Quetta, the largest city in the Balochistan province, again highlighted the tense security situation that the country has to face every day. The deadly attack resulted in the death of 60 undertraining

The Nuclear Neighbors: A case study of continuous hate. STAFF REPORT: Systematic hate is a curse – a curse that has far reaching impact and something that takes generations and still manages to survive. It definitely becomes an instrument – an instrument of war that can only go from bad

Afghanistan Pakistan border disputes continue to hamper trade: ISLAMABAD: Authorities in Afghanistan said that Afghan products are constantly facing problems while being exported to India through the Eastern border in Pakistan which is called Wagah. This border crossing has been historically used by Afghanistan and Pakistan as a major trade