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Twitter in Trouble? Analysts are alarmed at the sudden fall of Twitter’s stock over the past 2 weeks. Twitter’s shares have plunged by 27 percent this month. They plunged by 6 percent last Friday when ruled out acquiring Twitter. Twitter investors have been hurting pretty deeply and the fall

Ireland Warns the UK about the Consequences of Brexit Many Irish experts have warned Britain of the severe economic consequences of the decision to leave the European Union. On the referendum held on June 23rd earlier this year, 52% of the British electorate voted to leave the EU. Ireland’s Prime

Prime Minister Theresa May’s Powerful Speech Draws Mixed Reactions The new Prime Minister of Britain Theresa May made a powerful speech at the Conservative Conference held in Birmingham last week. She said that her government was serious about Brexit and through her speech showed that her conservatism was different from

Yahoo Admits to a Serious Security Breach that Affected 500 Million Users Yahoo has confirmed that hackers stole personal data from over 500 million users. Hackers stole names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers and security questions from Yahoo’s network in 2014. The company has been working hard to investigate the

Pakistani Government Borrowing Record Tumbles The federal borrowed an unexampled Rs2.1 trillion within the last financial year that involves on the average Rs5.7 billion per day. Also now Government borrowing prices tumbled because the specter of exceptionally low inflation, driven down by the collapse in oil costs, loomed over advanced