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It is Russia versus the USA at the 2016 Rio Olympics The Rio 2016 Olympics has been a very controversial one already. There have been massive protests in Brazil against the government even as the games carry on. In fact, the IOC was very close to imposing a blanket ban

It is almost impossible for most American citizens to get a praise from Vladimir Putin and vice versa but there is one citizen in America who continues to remain in good books of Vladimir Putin. What is Trump doing to remain in the good books of Putin and what both

A top Iranian military commander has been killed by ISIS in Syria, where he was advising the Syrian army in its fight against extremists, Iranian state media reported Friday. France said yesterday it had carried out a second wave of strikes overnight on Islamic State targets in Syria and accused

Russia is openly supporting the Syrian leader Bassar al-Assad as the battle for Syria’s second most important city begins in earnest between President Assad’s army and the opposition group represented by the Free Syrian Army. It has been three weeks since President Putin decided to intervene in Syria with the

Oil has fallen to a real low – down to $41 a barrel and a number of analysts in the United States and Europe are claiming that it could fall even further, to as low as $30. The last time oil fell to such a low was at the height

The drop in oil prices and decline in value of the ruble could stand the Russian budget 331 billion rubles (six billion dollars) in 2015, reported Russian media on Tuesday, which is the message of leaders of the Russian Audit Chamber, and also prompted the World Bank to lower forecasts