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Champions Trophy was due to start on June 1st 2017 with Pakistan being the 8th ranked team and probably the least favorite team of the tournament. As expected Pakistan started its journey on 4th June with a big loss to the arch rivals India. Things were not going Pakistan’s way,

Cristiano Ronaldo versus Lionel Messi – who is better? As of now, Ronaldo seems to have a big edge over his great rival. Not only has he won the Euro 2016 with Portugal, he has won the La Liga this year and two UEFA Champions Leagues in two years with

PowerRay Power Vision: A drone that utilizes sonar technology for tracking down under-water fish & capture it in 4K The PowerRay Power Vision  is an underwater drone intended to lure the fish in real time. The drone is well-equipped to capture pics & track freshwater, as well as salt water

Underwater Drones 2017 FiFish Atlantis Underwater Drone This drone enables users to capture HD under-water films & send them back in real-time. The max water depth for regular usage of the device is 100M while the battery could last up to 2 hours at full charge. When incorporated with a

Advantages of night jogging As jogging is simple ,flexible and does not need special equipments like we need to exercise. And jogging is good for our knees, ankle and hips as compare to running. As jogging helps us to reduce weight and burn more calories as compared to exercise. Night

JAMAICA Greetings folks it is Jamaica Urban Legend here, with some great news on my home country Jamaica. Unity is strength ask these guys. If the Cornwall College pair of Jourdaine Fletcher and Peter-Lee Vassell seem to think as one on the field, it could be because they have been

Over the last couple of weeks, Paris has seen floods, strikes and even threats of terrorist attacks. But finally, things seem to have fallen and in place and we can now look forward to what we really want – FOOTBALL! Yes, the much anticipated Euro 2016 kicks off later tonight.

Hello! It is Jamaica Urban Legend here with a another report on Jamaica The traditional magic and mystique of Olympic year is once again raring its attractive head. With just about nine weeks to go for the National Championships (Trials), already, a few athletes are positioning themselves, drawing for their

Jamaica Urban Legend here, with some more news on Cuba The Tampa Bay Rays will travel to Cuba to play the Cuban National Team in an exhibition game on March 22, and U.S. President Barack Obama is expected to be in attendance. “Americans and Cubans share a love of baseball,

Though there are many players in the Indian cricket team, Sachin Tendulkar is one of the most familiar player all over the world. The Indian people would always curious about watching his play in the matches. It is known that Sachin has made many achievements in cricket and he has