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Mobile phone in class

With great power, comes great responsibility; the almost impossible responsibility of reining in that temptation that tugs at you to ask Google for help. Because you can. Forgetting an important date or a formula is not going to present teachers with glorious opportunities anymore to snatch precious marks away with

How to Use Hyper Targeting for Marketing Your Business? Although targeted promotion have been around for quite some time, it’s more crucial to make advertisements super specific. While browsing the internet, individuals leave a digital footmark which can be tracked by huge data mining structures. As a result, advertisers are

Most Popular Games Gadgets Available in the Market at the Moment: Part 1 Razer Hydra Razer Hydra is in fact the world’s first gaming controller for desktop which features the motion sensing technology couples with an excellent connectivity offering the user with a perfect gaming experience. The usage of ultra-low

Most Popular Games Gadgets Available in the Market at the Moment: Part 2 G-27 Racing Wheel from Logitech Racers will go nuts for this game gadget. See what the G-27 racing wheel features: a twin motor force feedback for making the user feel traction loss, shifting of weights, a 6

Build a video game with Bloxels even if you’ve zero coding knowledge A kickstarter campaign known as Bloxels is trying to generate a modest 40,000 bucks for creating a game gadget which will let even those unfamiliar with any coding language easy build their personal video games. In short, the

– Home Media Servers Home Media Servers makes it easy for you to spend some quality time together with your family members. The Media-Smart Server from HP is ideal choice for this. Also, you won’t have to watch the same television shows again and again. With the latest HP Media-Smart

New Gadget Prevents Children from Dying inside Hot Vehicles Marcie Miller, a 34 year old mother from Arizona accompanied by her associates at Intel have created a device which stops parents from leaving their kids inside hot vehicles. Known as the Intel Smart Clip, this special gadget is attached to

The New Highly for Chrome Lets You Summarize Good Reads within a Couple of Seconds Highly is the latest innovation that allows the users to summarize various articles that you want individuals to read just by highlighting the most critical info. After you install this new chrome extension, you could easily

SlapSee Sunglasses: Very Similar to the 90’s Slap Bracelets Most of you might be familiar with Slapsie bracelets which offered an endless supply of entertainment while approaching the friends and surprising them with a rapid & curly plastic cling as you smacked them against neck, wrist face, etc. There is a

Tis goggles provide the typical night imaging which carries green light in darkness. But the important thing is, they also offer a thermal imaging feature making warm blooded figures lighten up just like they’re on fire. This makes it very easy to identify them at bigger distances & with minimal