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We have been reporting the political situation in the UK at length on ZapperNews, and it has been clear to everyone who has been reading these reports that Prime Minister Theresa May made a big gamble by calling for an early general election, and she lost. No, she did not

There has been a new study from Deloitte, the world’s leading accounting firm, which says that about 50 percent of the skilled EU workers who are currently working in the US could leave the countru over the next 5 years, because of Brexit. The Deloitte study found that 47 percent

You have no doubt heard of the freelance gig economy. Estimates show that over one-third of US working population are self-employed, working as freelancers, as a part of the “gig” economy. In the UK too, we have similar stats – 4.8 million Britons or a sixth of the UK adult

President Donald Trump has just done what his base would want him to do – he has walked out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This is a stunning decision and it has led to extreme reactions from his haters in the United States and abroad. There is a lot of

There was a terror attack in London last week that claimed the lives of 6 innocent people. The three terrorists behind the attack were killed by the police in a swift action. The attacks first began with the terrorists driving a van into a crowd of people on a Saturday

The Nile River has long been synonymous with Egypt, flowing past the gargantuan Aswan Dam, the Great Pyramids at Giza and the Lighthouse of Alexandria. However, the ownership of this mighty source of fresh water is heavily disputed, leading to tremendous tension between the countries of the Nile River Basin,

The United Kingdom’s 2016 withdrawal from the European Union, commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’ alongside the shocking election of Donald Trump as the President of the United States of America are indicative of a changing landscape in global and regional politics. Disenfranchised voting populations across the Western World have become

Everyone knows that the Greek economy has been in dire straits for the last few years, but now, news has emerged that Greece has only time till three weeks break a deadlock with creditors. Otherwise the nation’s debt crisis can get worse, and it could lead to an immediate economic

There is trouble brewing in Britain’s main opposition party, Labour, over Brexit. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn faces a revolt from his own supporters, over his support for government’s plans on Brexit. Many top members of Corbyn’s team have considered resigning, such as the shadow Welsh secretary, Jo Stevens. A  critical

Britain will have a national referendum on June 23, just under 4 weeks from now, to decide whether to remain in the European Union, or to leave it. The Brexit referendum, as it has come to be known as, has already worried a lot of people, especially British expats living