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As you may have noticed from watching the TV news, the protests in Venezuela have only intensified over the last few weeks. President Nicolas Maduro has called for an election for constitutional assembly which the opposition has boycotted. They say that Maduro wants to convert his rule over the country

News has come through that the Venezuelan crisis has just become worse. Venezuela has only $10.5 billion worth foreign reserves and the money is fast running out. As of today Venezuela has outstanding debt payments of $7.2 billion. The country had $30 billion worth foreign reserves in 2011, then $20

You might be surprised to know which country has the most number of millionaires in the world. No, it’s not the USA, it is actually Venezuela. But the only problem is that their money is not worth much at all. Venezuela has been struggling with rampant corruption at the moment.

Groups of followers of the government of President Nicolás Maduro raided Venezuelas National Assembly (Parliament) on this Sunday October 23rd while inside the protocol hemicycle a special session was performed. Those who managed to enter, some of them with bulletproof vests, were able to overcome all controls, even passing over

How Socialism Failed Venezuela Just 2 years ago, Venezuela had a GDP of $371.34 billion. Oil prices were high, and oil constituted 100% of Venezuela’s exports. Generally, things looked good as oil prices hit $105 a barrel. But the good times weren’t to last for long. Oil prices fell to

As if it were a mandatory vacation, the government of Venezuela has decreed that the workweek of public employees in the country will be reduced to only two days a week, specifically on Mondays and Tuesdays. In addition, all schools, except for universities, will not work on Fridays. This measure

The Tepuis: The Venezuela hidden secret. Venezuela has a series of particularities that differentiate between nations of the world, like any other, but the truth is that little we know about one of its biggest treasures, no matter how much the fact how intertwined is the world’s highest water fall,

The National Assembly (Congress) of Venezuela has declared a “health emergency” that due to the severe shortage of medicine drugs that exists in this country, which adds to the lack of food and a large amount of bad things going on, since last 2015 this country has experienced a difficult
Nicolas Maduro, President of Venezuela, gestures to the crowd before he speaks at Hostos Community College as the United Nations General Assembly convenes, Tuesday, Sept. 23, 2014, in the Bronx borough of New York. (AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Study journalism in a country like Venezuela is a big challenge for those who take the decision to start this career, that doesn’t mean that in this country is more difficult to graduate, who actually is, because universities enter in suspension of activities all the time, but that is a