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Terrorist attack killed 60 cadets in Balochistan!

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Attack on the Balochistan Police Cadets Academy

The Police Training Centre (PCT) is located outside the city near Saryab area. And many Cadet get their training that is required in police from this academy.

But on 25th october 2016 there was a blast held in the academy at night. According to the report three militants entered in the police cadet college who were wearing suite bomb vest. As after getting the report about these suiciders an operation was done in the academy and after long hours of operation all the suciders were killed.

As blast was heard in the nearby areas, but initially no casualties were reported but later 60 Cadets were killed during this bomb blast.

The policemen who were living in the hostel of the academy were taken as hostage by the attackers. According to the IG police only three Cadets were injured and we e taken to the hospital as they got injured by the attackers as they tried to escape from the hostel.

Before starting the operation emergency was imposed in the hospitals all across the city. After that five to six armed men barged in to the academy from the back side and went to the hostel to rescue Cadets and to fight against suciders.

According to the spoke men Baluchistan government three hundred recruits were taking the training in this academy and strength of the Cadets were less due to the passing out function held in the academy few days ago.

CM Zehri while giving an interview to a local channel he said under the report of the intelligence there was a high alert security in the city. But these suciders attacked the academy very intelligently, but now the situation is under control and if we will need the help of the army then we will can them to take action of this attack.

According to the eyewitness three mens entered the academy wearing the camouglage and their faces were covered after entering the academy they started firing in the air and then entered on to the hostel.


In the attack 60 Cadets and guards were killed due to the military attack.


After the long discussion about the attack held in police academy last night few question arrive in the mind of the reader that;

The reason behind this attack is the negligence of the government?

Was there high alert security in the city then how the terrorists entered in the academy?

Is the government hiding the causalities?

According to my point of view it is the negligence of the government that thus attack held in the police academy because if there was height alert security all across the city and how it possible is that terrorist can enter the city.

Author: Muniba Mazar – Pakistan

sourcephoto: cnn


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