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THE Battle with ISIS

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After brutal attacks of novice Intruders named ISIS on Iraq it was not a strange announcement on March 24th that the government in Baghdad announced the beginning of operations to regain the control of Mosul city, Iraq’s second largest area wise. Things went better at the starting when Iraqi army population of 5000 quickly overran several villages and outrun the militant party. But the progress went frozen in a sudden when they came to know that a counter-attack by no more than 200 IS fighters waiting for them costing them of the village of al-Nasr and the key position. Some nearly two dozen soldiers were killed and also a rocket attack was launched by ISIS which killed an American solider which was there to provide support to Iraqi forces In a US established camp. This casualty suddenly started indicating that there will be soon US inclusion in the whole matter

Iraqi officials still talk about pushing IS out of Mosul before the end of the year and they are firm and positive in it. It will take a big heart and sacrifice, The mainly Sunni Arab city had a population of 2m at the time when ISIS took control in June 2014, and is key to retake control of the northern province of Nineveh. But the setback at al-Nasr has been a ground reality. Just to cope with Al-Nasr, local tribal leaders and police is needed.

Senior military think tanks suggest there is, in fact, little chance of regaining Mosul before 2017. Michael Pregent, a former Intelligence person who also served as an adviser to Kurdish fighters in 2005-06 and is now at the Hudson Institute, says that there is no such force made to cut off these attacks which include some senior officer’s lead by American advisors. US think tanks say that more than 30 thousand troops are needed to overcome these.

The situation is even more alarming. Iraq think tank has estimated ISIS power in city of MOSUL cose to 10 thousand fighters, although the Americans ideas are contrasting this as they think the number stands low due to the opposition of ISIS. Mr Pregent says that although there are reasonably capable Kurdish forces to the east of Mosul which can drive them out, but they are not interested in doing so as their presence here will not serve the cause of greater Kurdistan and also it can cause ethnic conflicts.

A think-tank in Washington, DC, notes that a recent ways of suicide attacks led by ISIS is an attempt to destabilize Iraq southern part, thus preventing forces to restrict their operations in north and west. IS has identified the importance of Mosul will cost them IRAQ. ISIS way of capturing slaves and inspriring youth to help them fight against the world power is another tactic worldwide to induce other countries making urgent steps.  So they are hanging as long as they can to avoid the situation. It may one day lose its grip on the city. But at which cost stays anonymous

Author: Sadaf

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