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The best pizza in Abuja, just Dominos!

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Call it a place to relax or a place to do some sight-seeing and you won’t be wrong. When my wife talked about Dominos, it was as if, if you didn’t go there you hadn’t gone anywhere.

So we travelled to Port-Harcourt for the Christmas holidays. It was an exhilarating moment of rest, refreshment and relaxation with family members. But just eating and sleeping and watching TV are not sufficient for any holidays. Going out is always a preference.

In Port-Harcourt, there is the Silverbird Cinemas and Genesis as two luxurious places where people could go to, have fun, do sight-seeing and just get away from the traffic of the city.

But there was no Dominos in Port-Harcourt. Why did my wife miss Dominos so much?  The other day it had been her birthday. I had to go to work; we did not have much time together. Thank goodness she had a female friend with some spare time. That friend took her to Dominos; and so began her love for that place.

Well, maybe you guessed right. Dominos is known for pizza. That’s right! There are different varieties of this food that serves as either snack or main meal. Very filling, the pizzas come with a blend or variety of tastes: pepperoni, cheese, beef, chicken, mushroom and vegetables. For sauce, you have the barbecue sauce, tikka sauce or the regular tomato sauce. And there is always a cold drink to go with it.

But pizza is not the only thing that makes Domino tick and entices one customer to tell another and bring that other to the place like a domino effect. There is the ice cream and the cake and the chicken wings. Hmmm! Now I’m beginning to sound like my wife. Though I would rather eat a pizza than ice cream and cake, you can bet that the ice cream and cake are just mouth-watering and delicious. With different colours and tastes, you can eat in or take away.

Children love Dominos of course; you can hear their happy laughter all the time. It is a great place for them. Is there any child who doesn’t love ice cream and cake?

As you sit waiting for your order, you can look at the TV screen that scrolls the names of all customers and the status of their orders. So, when yours shows ‘ready’, you are good to get to the counter and take your meal.

Located on Aminu Kano Street in Wuse II, Dominos also has another branch in Gwarinpa. Mr Biggs, Tantalizers, Drumstix and Southern Fried Chicken –other similar eateries- appear to have reigned away. Now, Dominos stands tall serving delightful pizza, chicken, ice cream, cake and a whole lot more in a new way to Abuja residents.

Author: Tubonemi – Nigeria

source photo: pinterest


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