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The future makeup: virtual makeup mirror

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This wonderful mirror was presented at CES event of 2015 by a well-known brand Panasonic. Basically, this technology scan the face of a person who is sitting in front of the device & suggests a number of makeup choices as well as how the individual might look like without needing to put a real make up onto their face. The choices include the color of eyes or cheeks, lipstick, etc. under a variety of lightening conditions, hairstyles, etc.

The commercial uses of the above technology seem to be numerous & real, i.e., at the make-up counter while you’re getting ready for an exciting night out. Still, how it actually feels onto your skin is an important factor to consider as well. There are some things which you cannot completely sway in a real life. Isn’t it?

Author: Kapil

source foto: psfk



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