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The most useful tricks Google!

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Google is a part of our day to day life. I mean, let’s face it. Where would we be without Google?  And as we know how many users there are  it’s a safe bet that every single person who will read this article either regularly uses Google search or at least uses it occasionally.

Google search became as popular as it is now due in large part to its simplicity, and the service remains wonderfully simple to this day. There are hundreds of features just waiting to make your life easier, but it’s impossible to remember all the little tricks you need in order to take advantage of them. Now, We aren’t going to list hundreds of them and make you forget all of them, but what we can do is give you couple of important tips which will make  your life a little bit easier.


Do you have a dedicated app on your phone just to convert inches to millimeters and U.S. dollars to Japanese Yen? Well, delete it. Just about any conversion you can perform in an app can also be done right from within a Google search box on your phone or PC. Just search something like 2500 USD in GBP and Google will take care of the rest.


We told you about Google’s ability to quickly convert units for you, but you can also do quick calculations with Google. Don’t bother with that dedicated calculator app, just type something like 5243 times 312 into the Google search box.

Time zones

Not sure if it’s too late to call your cousin in Kuala Lumpur? Don’t just guess and don’t bother trying to do the math in your head — just ask Google “what time is it in Kuala Lumpur?”

Find out the exact day of the week in a certain number of days

Ever wonder what the exact day of the week it will be on a certain date? Now you don’t have to open up your calendar — instead, just ask Google “what day is it in 143 days” and you’ll be informed that it will be a Friday.

Turn your phone into a level with one simple search

If you do a search for “bubble level” in a mobile browser, Google will bring up a graphic of a green bubble that will tilt depending on the angle you’re holding your phone.

Learn a random piece of cool information by typing two tiny words

Type fun facts into Google and you’ll be given a random fun fact at the top of the page, as well as a box that gives you the option to ask another question. If you do click on the box, it will bring you more interesting factoids.

Get your search results Star Wars-style

This one is delightfully simple: Just Google “a long time ago in a galaxy far far away” and you’ll be given a Star Wars-style moving crawl of search results that looks like this:

Find your Android phone using only a Google search

Can’t find your Android phone? No problem: All you have to do is search for Find my phone and Google will locate your device as long as you have a recent version of Android. It will also give you the option of having it ring at full volume.

Hope it will help. Happy Googling !

Author: Ishan Hasnat – Bangladesh

source foto: pinterest


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