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The New Mini-Drone SKEYE

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The New Mini-Drone SKEYE with High Definition Camera is ready to Rock the Drone Market

You could easily fly the SKEYE Mini (almost the size of your palm) almost anywhere, however with HD camera & auto stabilization feature, the device is capable of providing the functionality of even bigger drones. An ideal drone for beginners & expert operators alike, it is presently available for new orders.

The small quad copter looks to be a very impressive flyer due to a very impressive thrust to weight proportion. 4 coreless engines are operated by 6 axis gyroscopic stabilization. Also, there are 2 flight levels for newbies & experienced pilots. Meaning the device could pull off flips & rolls, preserve a stable fly for on board shooter.

The 720 pixel videos & the images you capture are deposited on the inbuilt memory card. The night trips are lit with the help of an on board LED lightning. You can charge the drone thru the USB cable & ranges at about 8 minutes.

The device is undoubtedly among the finest quad copters available in the market today.

Author: Kapil

Source foto: thenextweb



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