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The robots that mimic humans

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RHTT (also known as Robotic Human Type Targets)

They’re independent robotic targets that are intended to appear, move as well as behave to normal persons. The armored replica isn’t stupid, because it’s programmed in such a way that it moves in random patterns. Even though it is not operated by a joystick still it is computer programmed. The sensors of this gadget are capable of detecting hits. Also, it can indicate if a body shot or body shot was accomplished in a successful manner. Specs from the Marathon Targets clearly states that it maxes at around 11 miles each single hour.

They function on the wireless signal that has a range of no less than 1 kilometer (within the line of vision) from the graphical panel on the laptop.

Talking about its use to the army, whilst a number of device are able to hit the poster, the fact is soldiers do not fight the wars against such posters. According to Emerson, you can easily program RHTT such that they do “anything which real humans might do” hence a soldier is able to better approximate simulation that is more realistic in nature.

Author: Kapil

source foto:  electronicproducts


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