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The terrorist attack in San Bernardino, United States, the latest information,

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By now the whole world knows about the terrorist attack carried out by the husband-wife duo in San Bernardino, California that killed 14 innocent people. More details are emerging about the 14 victims at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino. They were a mix of young and old, men and women between the ages of 26 and 60, and are today desperately missed by their families and friends. Here are the 14 people who were killed and here are their stories.


Robert was a first time father who loved his wife, Summer and daughter Savannah dearly. He was planning a trip to Disneyland with his daughter when his life was snatched away from him. Robert’s wife Summer says, “Anyone that ever met Robert would say that he had an excellent sense of humor. Im so grateful … I have a piece of him that will always be in my life. She looks just like him. And he loved her more than anything on Earth.”

He was 40.


Daniel Kaufman was a simple, easy going guy who worked at a coffee shot at the site of the massacre. He was a very friendly person and even chatter up strangers in checkout lines, according to his boyfriend Ryan, who says, “The man could have a 30-minute conversation with a cashier about his cats … and I would literally have to pull him away. One of those guys that everybody loved, got along with everybody, the life of the party, always funny, always creative.”

He was 42.


Benneta was a mother of 3 children who escaped from Iran and settled down in the US with her husband, Arlen Verdehyou. Arlen says, “Everything she touched bloomed. She went above and beyond.”

She was 46.


Sierra was a young woman who was always happy and loved her job. Her sister Mary says, “When I think of Sierra, only one word comes to mind: She was a lady. Thats not a word I use lightly. She was a super, super lady.”

She was 27.


Shannon Johnson was a fun, loving guy, who was a real hero, as he was shot while covering one of his co-workers from the terrorists. He saved the woman’s life, but succumbed to his injuries. His girlfriend Mandy says, “He loved people. He loved telling stories. He let me know that he loved me very much. Shannon was a generous, fun-loving soul, who very much loved his family and friends. Shannon was a protector to all of those he loved. Shannon was friendly and easy to know, making friends everywhere he traveled.”

He was 45.


Damian worked at the environmental health services agency and he loved kids, often dressing up as Santa during Christmas. He is remembered by his university who put out the following statement: “Damian loved Notre Dame, and often volunteered time with us as a member of the football team Chain Gang. His death has affected our community deeply. He will be missed.”

He was 58.


Nicholas was a religious man, very passionate about his beliefs and actually had a heated conversation with the terrorist before the shooting. His wife Jennifer says she hoped for a miracle that he would come out alive, “The waiting was excruciating, because you e trying to hold out hope.”

He was 52.

Author: Raghav Hegde – India

source photo: uk.news




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