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Tiny application for videos

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When Tiiny video application was launched first, one of its major features was the videos were disappearing after 24 hrs. For update 2.0, the creators at North Technologies got rid of the brief nature of posted video clips.

Along with videos which no longer disappear, the Tiiny application for iOS currently contains user profiles & you could reply to video clips with your personal video. The profiles discard info from Twitter & could be modified to suit as required. The profiles display total followers you’re having & those whom you’re following.

The video replies are organized in a grid rather than timeline. Video clips having replies have small crown in the bottom left hand corner. Video clips which are replies to other videos have one arrow in the bottom left hand corner.

Head of North Technologies & serial entrepreneur, Kevin Rose, Said TNW, “Version 1.0 of this application was rough near the ends & it took the members 3 1/2 weeks to create.” Rose named the initial version of this application a prototype & stated that presenting it to the people helped them discover error points inside the app.

Rose further stated that there were several awesome content producers posting excellent videos. The members decided to remove that feature so that those clippings could last forever.

Author: Kapil

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